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Predictions of how culture and technology in the United States will change in 2021.

In 2020 we came to terms with our dynamic world. Social views and gripes that were long ignored became the focus of our news feeds. Technology that we may have originally resisted acclimation to, we were forced to use. Some wrestled with the reality that there are forces out of their control, while others formed their own realities. In 2021 we will confront the final days of the COVID pandemic and the younger generation will gain an opportunity to dream about the future once more. …

Will old friends mend their wounds? Photo by Demetrius Green

Predictions for how political powers will realign and the progress made on climate change in 2021

The last year was riddled with events that many of us have learned from. Many more have wanted to move on from. However, the start of the new year will carry on many of the established plot points of 2020. In the United States a presidential era is departed from, but will our allies remember us for who we were, or who we are now? Will our competitors greet us with feigned excitement, or cautious silence? How will the battle for climate change, one of the greatest existential threats to humanity, fair in 2021? …

When the year comes to a close, we tend to use it as an opportunity to look back. As the last five years of my life were a tumultuous period of traveling and living in various locations around the United States, I took a chance to pause and reflect on some of these places. Truthfully, I wanted a break from topics with gravitas. I’ve only listed locations at which I lived in for at minimum of three months. There are plenty of cities I love, such as Chicago and Boston. …

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I believe it is important that I preface this article by stating that the opinions in this article are solely my own and do not represent that of any organization or other individuals.

If you were to ask my freshmen college self, if I could envision working at an investment bank, I would have scoffed. However, in early 2020, a haphazard chain of unrelated events and a desire for radical change drove me to taking on a full-time position as a software engineer at a legacy investing giant in New York City. I did not stay there for long.


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In the late 1980’s, the world faced an unprecedented threat. Researchers measuring ultraviolet (UV) radiation and atmospheric patterns had come to an agreement. The Ozone layer, a thin area of the Earth’s atmosphere, was shrinking. The conclusions of such environmental scientists was reached using instruments on orbiting satellites as well as UV tools on the surface of Earth.

After considering the composition of the Ozone and possible reactionary chemicals, scientists concluded that the the depletion of the lower Ozone layer was a result of the emission of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) and halons. …

Leveraging old technology and adopting new trade practices is key.

The climate change crisis causes a dilemma for world leaders. The planet is warming at an alarming rate and greenhouse gas emissions (GGE), specifically carbon dioxide emissions (CE), increase yearly. The clear answer is to reduce CE consumption. Unfortunately, most proposed solutions conflict directly with the free-market mantra that globalization has grown around in the last century. This dilemma was clearly demonstrated during the yellow vest riots in France, that started in 2018. GGE policy clashed directly with the needs of the country’s denizens, resulting in a violent rebuke of France’s government. So arises the predicament of the energy crisis…

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Why do we use this odd social media platform?

When my ISP lands me on Reddit, I know what to expect. I am greeted by a cornucopia of internet treasures, ranging from some of the most entertaining tomfoolery to the most hyperbolized headlines of current events. When my muscle memory brings me to Facebook, I know to expect the same friend group photos from cliques who haven’t adapted to more contemporary social media platforms and arguments from aging aunts filled with ancient racial innuendos. Yet, from the most trending on Twitter to the platitudes of Medium, there is one social media platform that has struggled to reach its coming…

A cold time for CUNY Colleges

COVID-19 is now going after education in New York

With a slew of events resulting in a tumultuous start to the year, we have been forced to make challenging sacrifices and decisions. Living through an active public health crisis, a skyrocketing unemployment rate, and now nationwide protests, nearly every institution’s foundation has been strained. One of those institutions has not only been strained, but it is also under siege here in New York. With a loss of revenue and increasing public health costs, New York State has started to target programs to defund, and one in particular is the City University of New York (CUNY) system.

Existing proposals by…

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Playing with phase based animations

Recently, I have had more time to play with frameworks and languages that I had been leaving on the back burner. A buddy approached and asked me for some assistance with their website. Specifically they wanted me to do an animation deck that typed out text on the screen and swiped in relevant images. The final product and what I plan to go over in this article is shown below.

A rough estimate of the locations and roads taken during this adventure

How I learned about my favorite hobby

In mid-Fall, 2016, I was interning with NASA at Cape Canaveral. This was an eventful period,marked with peculiar events, including the SpaceX Falcon 9 explosion in early September, and the divisive 2016 presidential election. Even with all the commotion of living in Florida, and the awe of working at NASA, no event was quite as memorable as Hurricane Matthew.

At NASA, they make the interns take hurricane preparedness classes,taught by only the most cavalier Floridians. They like to joke, “If there is a hurricane, look at a Florida native and see if they’re freaking out.” When Hurricane Matthew was announced…

Tim Chin

An engineer who‘s been around the block. I write about technology, space, climate, policy, and occasionally joke around. In LA and got time for coffee? Comment!

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