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A look into why Instagram’s longevity as a dominant social media platform is in danger.

Any social media application attempts to solve the problem of facilitating user engagement through user creation. Social media platforms themselves do not actually generate any content. This is a tricky task. A platform is only as interesting as your user base is.

Unfortunately, the average person is really not that…

Digging for Clams — Lynn Peterson

One of the most useful skills I learned as a software engineer

During another late night at the SpaceX factory in Hawthorne, a colleague and I were working to integrate an open source developer tool with a legacy application we had. My colleague, a senior engineer and a life long proponent of open source technology, had considerably more enthusiasm than I at…

A new patch update is on the horizon. Photo by Demetrius Green

Predictions of how culture and technology in the United States will change in 2021.

In 2020 we came to terms with our dynamic world. Social views and gripes that were long ignored became the focus of our news feeds. Technology that we may have originally resisted acclimation to, we were forced to use. Some wrestled with the reality that there are forces out of…

Will old friends mend their wounds? Photo by Demetrius Green

Predictions for how political powers will realign and the progress made on climate change in 2021

The last year was riddled with events that many of us have learned from. Many more have wanted to move on from. However, the start of the new year will carry on many of the established plot points of 2020. In the United States a presidential era is departed from…

Leveraging old technology and adopting new trade practices is key.

The climate change crisis causes a dilemma for world leaders. The planet is warming at an alarming rate and greenhouse gas emissions (GGE), specifically carbon dioxide emissions (CE), increase yearly. The clear answer is to reduce CE consumption. Unfortunately, most proposed solutions conflict directly with the free-market mantra that globalization…

A cold time for CUNY Colleges

COVID-19 is now going after education in New York

With a slew of events resulting in a tumultuous start to the year, we have been forced to make challenging sacrifices and decisions. Living through an active public health crisis, a skyrocketing unemployment rate, and now nationwide protests, nearly every institution’s foundation has been strained. One of those institutions has…

Tim Chin

A SpaceX engineer who's been around. I write about technology, space, climate, or whatever the hell I want. In LA and got time for coffee? Comment!

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